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There are many ways that an individual or group can help DIVA/DIVO.
Individual clothing donations, fundraisers, clothes drives
and cash donations are always welcomed.

Follow this link to our donation page and use
a credit card through Paypal services:



Cash Donations

or make out a check to:
DIVA A Women’s Clothes Closet
and mail to:

C/o Christ Church, UCC
915 East Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53207

You can also give us a cash donation wherever you see DIVA and DIVO donation boxes.

Clothing Donations

An individual, group or business can donate clothing to DIVA.  Please note that DIVA/DIVO is a very small non-profit with limited resources serving a large population. DIVA/DIVO has limited storage and does not have the means to launder or dry clean your donations. Please consider this when preparing your donation.  As you sort through your closet, select items that you would wear to an interview…give us that one great suit!   Since DIVA/DIVO is the last step in job-readiness, many clients have job interviews set up the very next day.  Because of all of these factors, all clothing donations must be seasonal, on a hanger and ready to wear.

•  Suits (Men’s & women’s)
•  Blouses
•  Trousers (men’s & women’s)
•  Skirts
•  Dresses
• Shoes
• Boots
• Purses
• Wallets
• Costume Jewelry
• Dress Shirts
• Neckties
• Vests
• Socks & Hosiery (Unused)
• Perfume & Aftershave (Unused)
• Under Garments (Unused)
• Makeup (Unused)

Donations must be delivered to DIVA/DIVO by appointment only. 

Receipts are available for donations at the time of drop off only.

Contact Michele Billingsley to set up an appointment for a drop off:  michele@diva-divo.org

Clothing Drives and Fundraisers

If you are interested in coordinating a clothing drive and/or fundraiser with a group, company, church, place of employment, etc., please email: events@diva-divo.org 

Our staff is eager to assist you by providing support with your event in the following areas:

• Presentation to group (upon request)
• Current needs list
• Donation box for cash donations
• Scheduling pick up or drop off
• Materials to launch a successful clothes drive or fundraiser
• Receipt template
• Announcement template
• News release template
• Needs list
• Instructions for individual donations
• Brochures

Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraisers can be a lot of fun to coordinate and/or host.  It can be a wonderful experience and all of the efforts go toward helping those in need.  Here are some great fundraising ideas. Let us know of any other great ideas or what you might want to host for DIVA/DIVO.

•  Ask 10 of your closest friends to donate $50 - $1,000 depending on their income and what they can afford.

•  Host a wine and cheese party and take a collection.  You can combine a party that you were planning to have into a fundraiser for a good cause…just let people know in advance that it is a fundraiser so that they know what to expect.

•  Local music is always a draw.  If you can find a band or musical group to donate their time and a venue for the performance, you can put on a great show and fundraiser at the same time.  Don’t be afraid to ask a performance group to donate a show…they might say yes.

•  Sell frequent flyer miles and donate the proceeds.  Check with the airlines for rules and regulations.

•  Some businesses/corporations have a matching gift program.  If you work with your business, they might match or double what you can collect from co-workers and other employees.  DIVA/DIVO will be happy to send you information or arrange to do a presentation for your employees and employers. 

•  Neighborhood organizations, businesses, schools or churches might be willing to work with you on a fundraising project.

•  Block parties, car washes and bake sales are fun & easy to set up.  It’s something the family and/or neighborhood can do together.