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Fashion Forward

Hair Styling Tips

Provided by: David Romo

Interview Hair Styling


If your hair is long and you’re at a lost as to what to do with it…cut it!  Go for a short, sassy and sleek style.  When you take the unwanted length off, styling becomes easier…it only takes minutes to curl or straighten.   F.Y.I girls:  with shorter hair, the curls and the body will last longer.


Natural looking Up-do    (20 minutes)

Take big sections of your hair and spray with hair spray.  Then roll it with a hot roller and fasten. Repeat until entire head is curled. Leave in for 10 to 15 minutes and remove.   Shake your head upside down, grab all of your hair and bring it to the crown, fasten with a clip, (preferably a claw or butterfly clip).  Rearrange pieces or let some fall…top off with a finishing spray.  A versatile style for the office or a night out.



The same is true for men.  If you aren’t doing much with your long hair and are looking for an easy and nice solution…cut it.  The end result is a nice clean look with ease of styling that is perfect for the workplace.


Interview Makeup For DIVAs

Provided by: Deb Brill


Good presentation of oneself is a vital part of the confidence needed to be in control of your own future. By combining these make up tips with the work outfits from DIVA, you have all the tools you need for a successful interview.

First impressions are big in the interviewing process.  When you take the time to look the very best that you can it will give you the confidence you need.  Paying attention to hair, skin, teeth, and even posture will add to your confidence and in turn add to the success of an interview.

Here are some makeup guidelines to follow:

•   Subtle, soft and clean is the best way to present your self.

•   For those people that never wear makeup, it’s time to change! Makeup has evolved in such a way that, when applied correctly, gives you a very natural look instead of a  “made up” look.  People will tell you how good you look, not how good your make up looks.  That is the ultimate goal.

•   Apply makeup in good, natural light.  Use natural light from a window so you can see the true color and intensity of the makeup you are applying.

•   As an artist starts out with a clean blank canvas, so should you.  Your face should be clean and dry.

•   Foundation.  For the makeup minimalist, if you wear nothing else, wear a light foundation and powder to conceal any imperfections. Adding a dusting of blush will give the
face a healthy glow and enhance the cheek bones so when you smile, you’ll light up the room!

•   Mascara.  It is also recommended that you wear mascara.  Wearing mascara enhances the intensity of your eyes.  During the interview process, the interviewer will focus on your eyes as a way of reading you, getting to know you better and to see if you are being attentive and understanding.

•   Eye Shadow - If you choose to wear eye shadow it is always best to stick with browns, grays, taupe’s and tans. Use a color that will subtly enhance your eyes and blend with the rest of your makeup.  Even a simple swipe of blush on the eye lids can bring out the intensity of your eyes.

•   Lip Color.  It is good practice to stick with light colors on the lips. The result you want to achieve is a natural lip color that blends with your face and features. 

•   Lip Liner.  If your lips are already full, refrain from wearing lip liner. Lip liners can enhance the size of the lips but once the lip color wears off you are left with an outline of your lips…just lip liner.  That will draw attention to your lips for all the wrong reasons.  When using a liner, be sure to use a long-lasting lip color with it so the end result is one color and natural looking lips.

•   Never let them see you sweat! Carry tissues with you and before you interview go to the lady’s room and blot your makeup.

I have enclosed full makeup application tips.  Pick and choose the tips that you are comfortable using.  You should still look like you when the make-up application is complete, just a better, more flawless you!  Even if you follow just the simple steps, you will really be ready for that first impression!

Remember you are a Diva so when you walk into an interview, walk in with confidence. Best of luck!