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VOLUNTEER - Look How Happy You Can Be!

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Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest and consideration in becoming a volunteer for DIVA/DIVO.   There are many ways that you can help us help those in need. 

Not only does volunteering make you feel good, but by helping an individual or an organization you touch and enhance so many lives.

Here are some of the areas
that need volunteers:

Working one-on-one with clients:
Sign up to work in the boutique-style closet and assist women and men is selection of their work attire.

Internship/Community Service:
Sign up to volunteer as part of a college course requirement or to satisfy court mandated community service

Fund Raising Activities:
Fund raising is a large part of what keeps the doors to DIVA/DIVO open. Volunteers can organize and host a fund raiser; personal or corporate sponsored. Get in touch with Michele and get started.  She may have some tips and or time-saving information that can help you with your event.

If you are considering a corporate-sponsored event (area business or place of work) you can arrange for a DIVA/DIVO representative to present to a group.

Grant Writing:
If you have experience grant writing, we need your help!  Grant writing is an art form and each organization is set up differently.  This is a time-consuming job and takes the efforts of many. If you can help us write one proposal or one grant, you will be touching many lives and strengthening our community.

Out-Reach/Public Relations:
Let us know if we can add your name to our list of people to help us with special events and projects.

Clothing Drives:
If you are interested in organizing a clothing drive, see the director for a needs list and a packet to assist you in the process.
If you are hosting a gathering or party, call us and ask if there is something specific that we need.  Could be as simple as asking each guest to bring a new lipstick or pair nylons, etc.  Very little effort can go a long way to assist our clients.

Mentoring Program:
DIVA and DIVO are looking ahead to launch a much needed program for clients once they are employed. We will focus on  life-skills and on the  job mentoring program. If this is an area that you might be interested in, please email us.