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DIVA/DIVO is a service provided to women and men in poverty that are entering or re-entering the work force.

• All clients must be referred by an agency or organization that is working on job readiness with the client.
DIVA/DIVO is the last step in that process.
• Client visits are by appointment only and set up with DIVA/DIVO through said agency.
DIVA/DIVO will accept one referral per client

Step 1
The service provider must email
Michele Billingsley at

Step 2

DIVA/DIVO will contact service provider and set up a first visit for the client.

If the client is a woman, she will be allowed three visits to DIVA over the course of three months. The referring agency sets up the first appointment and DIVA sets up the follow-up appointments with the client.

If the client is a man, he will have one visit to DIVO

Further Information

South Side Location (Christ Church): Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

All clients must have an appointment with DIVA/DIVO set up through an approved agency/organization.

Here are some of the agencies/organizations
that DIVA/DIVO supports:

•   W2 funded programs

•   Treatment Centers

•   Domestic violence and homeless shelters

•   Halfway houses

•   Jobs Programs

•   Probation/Parole Agencies

•   Dept. of Corrections

Graduating Class

Graduating Classes: DIVA/DIVO will accommodate a graduating class from a job-readiness program.  If the class can’t schedule a visit during business hours, DIVA/DIVO will open at a special time for the class.  Please contact the director, Michele Billingsley, for more information about this unique service.

Dail 211

Do you qualify for assistance for a social program in your area?

To get information about services and programs available in your area to assist people in poverty and in need, dial 211.

211 is a valuable first step to find out about the resources in your area that can help you.   Just call and follow the prompts to talk to someone who can direct you to the right place.